The first printed BDXC-bulletin was issued on 1st December 1961 and consisted of 5 pages of stenciled paper.
Until 1984 the magazine had been issued in the A5-format and in the mean time also increased in number of pages.
Since 1984 the monthly bulletin is printed in the A4-size format (gray-scale) and has through the years varying 28/48 pages.
Nowadays A full color bulletin is available for electronic members. Printed bulletin is in black and white.

Historic BDXC-Bulletin’s (PDF-format: variable 0.2 – 6.7 MB in size)



Miscellaneous Publications (PDF-format: variable 0.3 – 1.2 MB in size)


  • Lijst van FM-zenders: 196519661968
  • Lijst van FM- & TV-zenders: 1971
  • EDXC Landenlijst: 1969